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(They say the same about our brand)

We take the same approach to your career as we do our coffee; lovingly crafted, with the perfect blend of what matters to you. So if brightening days and lifting moods is where your heart lies, we could work with you as you go from Barista to Store Manager. Or if leading a global project is more your cup of Americano, then that’s what we’ll make happen. The choice is yours.

Personal growth

We simply wouldn’t be who we are without our people. Sure, we’re a coffee business, but more than that we’re a people business. That’s why, when it comes to working here, we focus firmly on the things that matter to you.

From the moment you walk through our door, slip off your jacket and are introduced to your colleagues, we are committed to your growth. Wherever you join Costa, your career will begin with an induction programme that introduces you to the business and guides you through the first few weeks. From then on, we’ll work with you at every stage of your career. Supporting you as you take ownership of where you want to go and what you want to learn – coffee, management, engineering, roasting beans, cake… It could be almost anything. And because we know that what’s right for you now might not be right in a few years time, there are plenty of opportunities to move across the business as well as up. If it feels right, you could even move to one of our sister brands within Whitbread.

There’s also our annual Barista of the Year competition, where we celebrate our teams right around the world. Every Costa Barista is unique, not only are they experts in making a perfect coffee with speed and precision, but each brings their own flair and creativity to every cup. The perfect combination for a competition that recognises the pride, passion and personality of the people representing our brand globally.


The Costa Academy

When it comes to your Learning & Development, The Costa Academy covers it all. From our Barista Inductions to Barista Maestro Training Programmes to our Shooting and Rising Star Management Development Programmes. We’ll also help you learn and develop in a style that suits you – whether it’s through workshops, one-to-one sessions, toolkits and plenty more.

With classrooms, coffee training areas and breakout rooms, the academies are designed to showcase our brand and our coffee excellence. Everyone who passes through them – that’s over 2000 a year – finely tune their capabilities in everything from milk frothing and espresso tasting to dosing, grinding and tamping. It’s also where our Barista Maestros develop into the mentors and leaders our Baristas look to when it comes to perfecting the skills that go into making the perfect coffee.


Our people

Costa is full of great people doing great things, so perhaps it’s time you heard directly from them…


Harriet Mason,,

Human resources, North

"'Time flies' is a well-worn phrase, but my time at Costa has truly zipped by. It’s amazing to think that I joined as a Barista back in 2001. It’s a job I loved, not just for the customer interaction, but for the development opportunities too. Since the day I joined the idea of running my own store always appealed, so it was great to get the training and support that saw me achieve that goal within a few years. I was then nominated as a high-potential Store Manager and considered for an associate retail development role.

The assessments went really well, and I was lucky enough to be one of two appointments Costa made. It really allowed me to take the next step up in my career and develop as a leader in a multi-site role where I had responsibility for ten stores in Scotland.

As a Retail Development Manager I was responsible for more than 20 stores and a substantial team. As with everyone else you meet, though, there was still a passion to stretch my skills and challenge myself. That’s when I was given the chance to take on a role in HR and support the Operations Teams with all things people.

Our sense of family is fantastic, but if I had to highlight one thing that really sets Costa apart as a place to work it has to be the opportunity. There are so many options open to you, and so many new experiences to be had with our global growth. I really can’t say where I’ll be in a few years time. I know it’ll be somewhere exciting though. Somewhere as equally rewarding, if not more. And I know that place will be at Costa.”


Lee Rice,,

Coffee Ambassador, France

"My Costa experience started in 2006 when I was a student Exeter. It picks up again in 2012 when I joined Costa for the second time, this time as a part-time Barista at Roadchef’s Stafford services on the M6. Two years later I competed in the 2013 Barista of the Year competition and became a full-time Barista Maestro.

Then, in June 2014, I was offered the incredible opportunity to join Costa Equity and establish the brand in Paris. The challenge is totally unique. Taking Costa – much loved in the UK – and growing it in a market where it is largely unheard of. And a market in which people’s appreciation of coffee and great customer service is completely different.

As a Coffee Ambassador in Paris I have had so many new experiences. From training and auditing to coaching and managing. From small stores to big stores. It’s allowed me to try a whole range of roles, identify my strengths, build on other areas, and help create passionate and knowledgeable teams. I really feel like my input has made – and continues to make – a change. And I take a whole lot of pride in having helped establish the brand’s presence in France."

Our rewards & benefits

As well as our commitment to your development, we also believe in rewarding you for everything you bring to Costa. There’s little things like as many free coffees or Costa Ices as you can handle whilst at work, big things like your hourly rate or salary or bonus, and little-big things like discounts at all of Whitbread’s brands.