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It all started in 1971

That was when brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa set up as a Roastery. Four years later they had opened their first coffee shop in London.

From tiny beans great big Mochas grow, and today we’re the UK’s favourite coffee shop, with over 2,400 stores here alone. We also have 1,400 stores in 31 international markets. Plus more than 8,000 Costa Express self-service machines dotted across the world.

What we do

We’ve always believed that quality coffee, served in the right way; on the right occasion is more than just a drink. It’s a feeling. An experience. We focus our collective passion and expertise on creating a combination of authentic, crafted tastes, convenience and community spirit. It’s a combination made to leave customers smiling, whether they’re meeting friends at their local Costa or picking up a Caffè Latte from a Costa Express machine.


From the UK to the world

A culture of innovation

We’re pleased with where we are, but we think there’s always room to improve, rethink and pioneer. Take our ground-breaking self-service coffee bar for instance. Thanks to our Costa Express team and their machines, we’re able to serve up freshly-ground Mocha Italia coffee beans and fresh milk to customers on the go. We’ve also launched a Smart Cup in the UK: with a chip in its base so you can pay by tapping your cup. And, last but not least, in Dubai we deliver coffee by drone to customers on the beach. Seriously.

Then along came the
Coca-Cola Company

And suddenly everything changed. Joining the world’s largest total beverage brand was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A chance for us to benefit from their global scale, resource and investment, and put in place big growth plans for the next five years. Plans that will help us realise our vision of becoming the world’s most loved coffee brand. So how are we going to do it?

We’re for everyone

As you’d expect, we’re passionate advocates for diversity, respect and community spirit in our teams. To be frank, we won’t tolerate prejudice or lack of respect in any form. And that’s the way it should be. Because absolutely everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work.

Our LGBT network – called Shine – is a great example of how we act on the things we are passionate about. It’s a vibrant community that offers personal development, professional growth and emotional support for all our LGBT employees.


There’s goodness in every cup

We want to be a sustainable coffee business, and that means investing in a sustainable coffee supply. Since 2008 we have worked with the Rainforest Alliance, and were the first UK coffee brand to source 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee. Giving us the assurance that the coffee, or cocoa, we serve has been produced in a responsible and sustainable way. On top of that, we have also committed to recycle the same amount of takeaway cups that we put into market by 2019.


We started the Costa Foundation back in 2006 to support people living in the most remote coffee-growing communities in the world, by building schools to give children the kind of safe, quality education they deserve.

So far, we've raised over £14 million, completed over 80 school projects and changed the life stories of over 75,000 children.

View Costa Foundation

We’ll always be friendly neighbours


We think it’s only right that when we move into an area, we make every effort to be part of that community. Our nationwide activities focus on social themes that our customers tell us they care about, and we also encourage our teams to plan activities locally.

By making the most of our space in store and drawing on the enthusiasm of our amazing teams, we focus on bringing people together to strengthen the communities we are part of.